Lent at St. A's

Worship in Lent

  • Ash Wednesday, February 17th – 9:00 am Morning Prayer via Facebook Live; 7:00 pm Ash Wednesday Liturgy of the Day via Zoom
  • Sundays @ 9:30 am – Morning Prayer with Music via Zoom
  • Tuesday – Friday at 9:00 am – Morning Prayer via Facebook Live

Lent Madness

Who says your Lenten learning can’t be fun?! Maybe it can also be competitive!!Check out Forward Movements 2021 Saintly throwdown!! During Lent follow the Lent Madness Blog to not just learn about the saints but to play a role in who will win the 2021 Golden Halo. This is a fun way to learn about those who built up the Body of Christ with their faithfulness and get a giggle in along the way as the brackets narrow and bloggers/hagiographers battle for your votes! Click here to subscribe.

Learn in Lent

Part of the observance of a Holy Lent is self-examination. Mother Jenny has been studying the ancient wisdom and spiritual tool of the Enneagram for over 7 years. On Thursdays in February, March and April we will gather as a community to talk about this individual work that should not be done alone. Participants need to obtain The Road Back to You book and The Road Back to You Study Guide.

Tips for learning the Enneagram

For centuries the Enneagram has been taught as an oral tradition. Learning your number is not something you can really get by taking a quiz. We know it’s tempting… but it doesn’t help.

If you can’t go hang out with an Enneagram master for a day or a weekend, this book is truly the best place to start! Mother Jenny has used this tool in her marriage, parenting and ministry for a long time. Don’t get discouraged if your number isn’t immediately clear. Talk to Jenny about it, she can help!

It is easy to start trying to assign numbers to everyone you know. It is important that each person be given space to discover their own type. Also, the power of the Enneagram is in how it helps us grow in compassion toward ourselves and others. If you think you know someone’s number, the best thing you can do with that insight is to allow it to help you in understanding that person better.

Reading/Meeting Schedule

We will meet scheduled Thursdays 12pm-1pm and 7pm-8:30pm. The lunch time slot is shorter to make it possible to join us for a lunch break. However we can certainly extend this time until 1:30 if that works for the group! The meetings follow the assignments in the Study Guide.

  • Thursday, February 25th – Do You Know Your Number – Chapters 1 and 2
  • Thursday, March 11th – The Gut Triad – Chapters 3-5
  • Thursday, March 25th – The Heart Triad – Chapters 6-8
  • Thursday, April 15th – The Head Triad – Chapters 9-11
  • Thursday, April 29th – Working With Your Type – Chapter 12