Lent at St. A's

Worship in Lent

  • Ash Wednesday, March 2nd – 9:00 am Morning Prayer, Church; 12:00 pm Imposition of Ashes & Holy Eucharist, Church; 7:00 pm Imposition of Ashes & Holy Eucharist with Choir, Church & Zoom
  • Sundays @ 8:30 am – Holy Eucharist, Church; 10:30 am – Holy Eucharist, Church & Zoom
  • Wednesdays @ 9:00 am – Morning Prayer, Church
  • Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at 9:00 am – Morning Prayer via Facebook Live

Lent Madness

Who says your Lenten learning can’t be fun?! Maybe it can also be competitive!!Check out Forward Movements 2022 Saintly throwdown!! During Lent follow the Lent Madness Blog to not just learn about the saints but to play a role in who will win the 2022 Golden Halo. This is a fun way to learn about those who built up the Body of Christ with their faithfulness and get a giggle in along the way as the brackets narrow and bloggers/hagiographers battle for your votes! Click here to subscribe.

Learn in Lent

Click here to find out about our Lent & Easter Book study of The Book of Forgiving