At St. Augustine’s we use two books in worship, both found in the pew racks: The Book of Common Prayer (red book) and The Hymnal 1982 (blue book).  Additional materials and hymns are printed in our bulletins.  

Posture during worship is a matter of individual preference. Generally, we sit to hear the word of God, stand to hear the Gospel, kneel to confess our sins, and stand to sing.

Communion  All who seek the love of God, including children, are welcome to receive communion at St. Augustine’s.

Children  Please know that we welcome both you and your children at worship. God put the wiggle in children. May we suggest that you sit toward the front where it’s easier for the children to see and hear. Sing the hymns, pray, voice the responses. Children learn liturgical behavior by copying yours. If you feel your child is being disruptive and needs to leave the Service, please feel free to leave, and come back when you can. There is childcare for infants and toddlers through the Parish Hall in the room adjacent to our kitchen. And Sunday School happens during the 10:30 AM service during the academic year.  Always remember that the way children are welcomed to Church directly affects the way they respond to Church, God and Christ. Help them know that they are at home in this liturgy of praise and thanksgiving.

Description of Sunday Services at St. A’s  From early-September through May, St. A’s offers two worship services on Sundays (8:30 AM and 10:00 AM), each with its own unique character. From June through Labor Day weekend, there is one service, at 9:30 AM on Sunday. Although the services differ somewhat stylistically, all follow the liturgy set forth in our Book of Common Prayer. During the first part of the service, we listen to a reading from the Old Testament, a reading from the New Testament, and a reading from the Gospel. The sermon helps us understand the lesson(s) we’ve learned through the readings, after which we pray for our own needs and the needs of others, and greet each other in peace. During the second part of the service, we share in the Holy Communion through the bread and wine in remembrance of Jesus Christ’s life and sacrifice for us.

There are hymns and organ music at the 10:00 am Sunday morning service. Coffee Hour occurs between the two services, serving as a bridge event and allowing the full Sunday morning church community to enjoy its tradition of gathering together each week at one time. 

Morning Prayer:   Morning Prayer is led by the Rector Tuesday – Friday mornings at 9:00 am. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this service takes place via Facebook Live on our Church Page. On Wednesday mornings it takes place in the Church.

More information about why we worship the way we do:  Liturgy is the fancy word for what we do in church.  Liturgycomes from a Greek word that has roots in “work” and “people.”  Some have said that this means that liturgy is the work of the people, but perhaps it is better to say that what we do in church is to ritually act out what we want to do when we leave.  To learn about the historic roots of the ritual of Communion, click here