Salvation Army Soup Kitchen in Peekskill

Contact: Myrlin Valerio

How to help

St. A’s provides a meal monthly to the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen in Peekskill once a month. Our next meal delivery date is February 24, 2021. Because of new Westchester County Health Department rules, the Soup Kitchen cannot accept food cooked by individuals or brought to the Soup Kitchen. Volunteers must sign up to participate so we know what to expect, whether all we need for the meal is covered and to ensure we do not have too much of any one item/ingredient. Items needed include unopened pre-cooked, store-bought meatballs, sauce, pasta, bread, salad, water and cookies. You may also sign-up to help deliver the food. Everyone who wishes to help must sign-up by the Friday before our assigned meal date (2/19).

Donated food will be collected by noon on the 4th Wednesday of the month and brought to the Soup Kitchen by a volunteer. Information to sign up will also be provided in our weekly eNews as our monthly meal approaches.

We are so grateful that so many of our parish have cooked for the Soup Kitchen these many years and look forward to supporting them going forward.

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