Children’s Sunday School
Coinciding with the school year, volunteers from our congregation educate our children on the Bible, its teachings and our life with Christ. All children ages 3 through 6th grade are invited to attend classes during the 10:00 am worship service on Sunday mornings in the Parish House. The Sunday school runs in 3 “blocks” of about ten weeks each (Fall, Winter, Spring) , and the classes are divided into groups by grade level as follows:

1) Pre-K, Kindergarten
2) 1st and 2nd Grade
3)  3rd – 4th Grades
5) 5th -6th Grades

In Advent, children prepare for the annual Christmas Pageant during Sunday School time.  Our Sunday School Coordinators are Jesi Godin and Leeanna Varga. 

Adult Education
Sessions are run on an irregular schedule, usually taking place in the Parish House. 

Currently, during Epiphany 2023 you can join the Good Book Club Bible Study!

Bible Study/Book Group
A forum for adults to engage in Bible Study discussions rooted in the scriptures used in upcoming services as well as book group conversations on texts chosen for their spiritual or theological interest.