Stewardship & Giving

Grace in Action: Pledging your support

Grace in Action… this reflects our hope as Christians and as a community of faith. The grace of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, gives us what we need to live in the world generously and faithfully. At St. A’s there are abundant signs of vitality and hope today and for our future!

In 2023, it is important for us to make our commitment to our common life.

Please contact us to make your 2023 Pledge. Please contact one of the following with your pledge and/or any questions!

Pledge Today!

This year you are able to submit your pledge online! CLICK HERE to go to our online Pledge Card.

Prefer to fill out a card? You can download and print your pledge card here!

Trying to discern how much to give? Take a look at our Giving Chart!

2023 Annual Appeal Letters

Letter from our Wardens

Letter from our Stewardship Committee

Online Offering Plate

Support St. Augustine’s with your pledge or a loose offering by going to our online offering plate.

How to give online:

  • Give using St. A’s online payment system via our Realm database. Online Offering Plate
  • You can submit payment via Zelle. When an email or phone number is requested, please enter