Stewardship – 2020 Annual Appeal

I pledge to St. A’s from my gratitude to God for all that I have, especially the St. A’s community that is supported by my annual pledge.

Dear fellow St. Augustine’s parishioners,

It is time for the annual St. A’s Stewardship Campaign when we make a financial pledge to each other supporting St. A’s for the coming year. It is time to think of all of the gifts that God has given us and to consider how we show the appreciation of these gifts with the rest of the world. We are called to support our church through giving from the first fruits of our labor to honor God and all that we have been gifted.  

I pledge to St. A’s from my gratitude to God for all that I have, especially the St. A’s community that is supported by my annual pledge. The dollars I give may not fully fund anything directly, but, when combined with pledges of other’s, prayer, hope, and God’s help, they go much farther to enhancing our world than I would be able to do alone.

Our parish operates on a strict budget that is primarily funded through financial pledges from our members and friends. We do not have a substantial endowment that lets us operate off our investments. We do not have long-term, full-time tenants that are paying space rental for income. Pledges are by far the largest source of incoming funds for our budgeting. The difference we make up by working ourselves to the bone on secondary fundraising, mostly through Junefest and the Clothing Sale – both of which are highly dependent on the weather on a few select weekends in the year.

This next year is going to be a busy year as we look at our Climate Impact Assessment as we start working toward Bishop Dietsche’s goal of a 30% carbon footprint reduction by 2030. We are also going to be doing a deep historical dive into our church history as we head into a Diocesan Year of Apology looking at how parishes, including ours, may have benefited from the African slave trade. These two directives for 2020 from the Diocese and all our current programs are going to stretch us mightily—in faith, spirit, and finances. While we hope that working on the carbon footprint will lead to actual cost savings down the road, the initial expenses may look daunting as we get started. Our abilities to maintain our small corner of Christ, come to terms with how we got here, and how we are caring for the creation entrusted to us needs all of our financial support we can muster.

You have heard from some of your fellow parishioners about why they pledge and will be hearing from more as we head toward Stewardship Sunday on November 24th. 

I hope that you will join me, the Vestry, and the rest of your church family as we financially pledge to support St. A’s, each other, and the world for the coming year.

Andy Harken, Junior Warden and Stewardship Committee