2022 Good Book Club: The Book of Exodus

Dust off your Bibles and join us as we read Exodus during the Epiphany season! There are daily readings that make keeping up and following along easy. We will have opportunities to join in webinars and our own parish conversations. Here is what to expect:

  • Daily readings will be posted on our “This Week at St. A’s” calendars on our website and eNews.
  • Any Bible you want to read is just fine! If you need a Bible, contact Mother Jenny and she will give you one!
  • Register for what we can expect to be an excellent introduction to Exodus taught by Montreal Diocesan Theological College Dean Jesse Zink on January 13th.
  • Join Mother Jenny for some online discussions:
  • Session 1 – 1/26 @ noon and 1/27 @ 7pm
  • Session 2 – 2/10 @ noon and 7 pm
  • Session 3 – 3/3 @ noon and 7 pm

No biblical literacy required! Just join us and dig into it with us!

Additional resources include:

Downloadable Reading list/schedule

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