St. Augustine’s in-person worship protocols

  • Masks are required during worship, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Only those serving behind the altar rail (clergy, lectors, etc.) will be visible to the cameras streaming the service. The congregation in the pews will NOT be on camera.
  • Please do not attend church if you are sick.
  • Lectors and clergy who are vaccinated will be able to speak with masks off when they are at the altar, Officiant’s seat and lectern.
  • The Peace will be shared contactless except for with those who are in the same household.
  • Communion will be only in one-kind (bread only).

Our priority in reopening the church is the health and safety of our members while maintaining the integrity of our worship. We request that you bring any questions or concerns about our protocols and worship directly to the Rector and Wardens.

Our protocols are determined first by the New York State Department of Health and our Bishop. It is the responsibility of our Rector, in consultation with our Wardens, Vestry and other health professionals within our community that we determine how we adhere to these guidelines within our own context. We know the guidelines are always shifting, however our space does not change. Due to the size of our church, we may need to adhere to wearing masks longer than others, for example.

Please be patient with us as we move ahead. We know there will be bumps in the road! It is very important to all of us that we maintain the opportunity for those who desire it to worship with us remotely. It will take some time to get that at the quality we know we can provide.