In-person Sunday worship resumes on June 13th!

It is with great joy that we anticipate the re-opening of our church for regular Sunday celebrations of the Holy Eucharist after being closed almost every Sunday since March 15, 2020. Starting this Sunday, June 13th, our 9:30 am Sunday services will be hybrid – in-person and via Zoom.

Here are our protocols right now:

  • ALL ARE WELCOME, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Only those serving behind the altar rail (clergy, lectors, etc.) will be visible to the cameras streaming the service. The congregation in the pews will NOT be on camera.
  • Everyone must wear a mask in church, regardless of their vaccination status. Wearing masks allows us to sing and have increased capacity.
  • Based upon New York State guidelines, we are allowed to be at 50% capacity at this time. That means 55 people inside the church total. Based on past summer attendance and the services we have already had in the church, we do not believe at this time we will need people to pre-register to attend church.
  • Any singing, including by vaccinated members of our choir, will need to be done with masks on.
  • Lectors and clergy who are vaccinated will be able to speak with masks off when they are at the altar, Officiant’s seat and lectern.
  • Bulletins will include the entire service (including music).
  • The Peace will be shared contactless except for with those who are in the same household.
  • Communion will be only in one-kind (bread only).
  • Pre/post-Church conversations should take place outside.

Our priority in reopening the church is the health and safety of our members while maintaining the integrity of our worship. We are entering a new phase of being together as a community while there is still a pandemic going on. We request that you bring any questions or concerns about our protocols and worship directly to the Rector and Wardens.

We are all returning after having had very different experiences of the pandemic. Some of us feel more comfortable than others. Our protocols are determined first by the New York State Department of Health and our Bishop. It is the responsibility of our Rector, in consultation with our Wardens, Vestry and other health professionals within our community that we determine how we adhere to these guidelines within our own context. We know the guidelines are always shifting, however our space does not change. Due to the size of our church, we may need to adhere to wearing masks longer than others, for example.

Please be patient with us as we move ahead. We know there will be bumps in the road! It is very important to all of us that we maintain the opportunity for those who desire it to worship with us remotely. It will take some time to get that at the quality we know we can provide.

We look forward to moving into this next chapter of our common life together as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.